Onboarding Employees is the Key to Success

October 29, 2014

When it comes making sure that new employees are successful, factors outside of hiring the right person for the job come into play, specifically in the new-hire onboarding process. In fact, recent studies are showing the increasing importance of making sure that company new-hires are properly oriented and understand their role within the organization. Particularly within the contact center space, where agent turnover can often exceed 100% on a monthly basis, assuring that your newest agents are onboarded correctly can help turn the tide and create a different culture of success. Using a multi-channel approach to the new-hire process can be a way to not only successful integrate a new agent within your organization in a manner that is consistent and meaningful to the employee, but can also be done without the risk of losing valuable production time. 

TMCNet goes into further detail regarding the importance of properly onboarding your new-hires. Click here for more information.  


The 5 Best Health Moves for Decemeber

Between cooking the turkey, decorating the house and buying gifts for loved ones, the holiday season can be a stressful time that leads to poor health choices, whether it’s neglecting exercise or missing out on health care savings. Don’t let holiday stress negatively affect your health and your wallet. Here are five of the best health decisions you can make this December. 1. Contribute to a health savings account 2. Pick a health insurance plan for 2015 3. Spend remaining flexible spending account (FSA) money 4. Reduce stress and exercise regularly 5. Wash your hands often While the holiday season is a time to relax and spend with family, it can also lead to bad habits that can damage your health and your wallet. But by making these five smart health moves, you can finish off the year strong and be in great shape for 2015.More...


Do Employee Wellness Programs Work? Studies Say No…and Yes

A pre-Thanksgiving clash emerged between healthcare experts who believe wellness programs sponsored by employers offer long-term savings and create a healthier workforce, and those who think such programs provide no value whatsoever. Three healthcare consultants wrote on the Health Affairs website Tuesday that wellness programs are money losers, costing employers more than they produce in healthcare savings. More companies are turning to wellness programs, which screen and monitor employees' health, and in some cases, tie health insurance premiums to their behaviors. Employers view them as a way to reduce healthcare expenses and improve workers' health and productivity. But some observers, including the Health Affairs authors, argue that wellness programs aren't achieving their desired results because they are built on a lack of clinical and financial evidence.More...

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